The Worker - Arti$try - The Worker (Vinyl)

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A lot her family are Orthodox; Shababa began at dren, 4-year-old twins Adira and Orly and took my kids there, Ms. But of energy. A lot of instrumental music. But least in part as an outreach to the secular seven-month-old Amitai. Shes a college then I realized that it is more of a warm, then, at the end, they do the Shema. Jewish community, but has extended way. You cant really tell peoples denomina- velously named Smitty Zimmerman, was from Wee- tions when you go there, and it really doesnt matter, hawken.

They both graduated from Weehawken High she said. Its all about whos there. Genuth just went to Shababa on Friday up in Palisades Park and graduated from Palisades Park mornings, but soon she noticed that although her daugh- ter Adira loved the familys modern Orthodox shul, just a few blocks north of the Y, Orly did not. So my husband and I would split for the morning, she said.

Hed take Adira with him, and Id take Orly with me. Genuth said, although certainly some of the local shuls do great about helping to find things with their childrens services. She still takes her connections to Jewish children to Shababa concerts, and because she works in a school and has the summer off, she plans on taking life, and to each other, them to Friday mornings again during those months. High School. Her grandparents later moved to Leonia, At base, she said, its authentic.

Rebecca and Karina where Ms. Schoffer spent a lot of time as a child. It takes tal- Shes trained as an actress and singer. They can connect both with children It makes sense for her to weave her family into the and with adults, and with families. They are very spe- discussion because Shababa itself is multigenerational, cial people. It began 10 years ago on the floor of the busy Rebecca Schoffer is the Ys director of Jewish engage- lobby of the 92nd Street Y because there are always ment.

She lives in Manhattan and directs Shababa there, more programs that want rooms than rooms to offer but has strong local roots.

She comes from south Jersey them, and so Karina would go to the lobby on Friday Esther Genuth of Bergenfield with her twins, Adira and Margate but her grandmother, Norma Zimmerman, mornings. Shed take her guitar and shed take her Orly, at a Friday Shababa a few years ago. Apple Bank Money Market Account. Visit us today! A household is defined as a family residing at the same address.

Fees may reduce earnings. Funds used to open accounts cannot be from an existing Apple Bank account. Offer may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. Schoffer Now, I have a girl in high school who is volun- said. I listen to the needs of the room every day. It is a lovely sister- floor with Karina. We have nannies who finish with hood of women who come together for singing and one family and start with another and say that We conversation and to be there for each other. We are a group that sings together.

There is very Now, a lot of parents and grandparents come little small talk between us. We talk about death on Fridays.

Theres a real mix. I play a lot of Jewish and life and the world and health and sickness music, and some folk music, some spirituals. I try and whatever is really going on between us. It is a to make it universal. We are here to celebrate Shab- special bond. We are very real with each other. We bat and Jewish life and all the people in the room sing together, and that is one way that we create and where we all come from and what brings us the space together, but we are much more than a together, to this special holy place.

Shabbat morning are slightly different. We pray Ms. Schoffer includes herself in the group, but she with our whole bodies. Its not a class. Its an expe- is far younger than its other members. But most rience. We make it spiritual. We celebrate how Shababa experiences are intergenerational.

And close playing and praying are to each other. When anyway, these women bring a special energy when we play, we open up the senses to the holy inside they come to Shababa Fridays something they do ourselves.

There is a We feel very strongly about helping to find con- very special energy they bring to the room. You know the way she need that today more than ever.

We all live such brings warmth with her? The way she smiles and crazy busy lives, so when we create a space to sit The Shaboomers including Lois Brodie, at the left, in blue everything lights up? And the way she always is down and unplug and be together, something very are more than just a singing group. Theyre a sisterhood. They are very special women.

They are holy happens. It is a very special moment. They are a group of women who love to We hope to be engaging to the kids and also to the service provides those things, but the tone varies depend- sing, and who light up the room.

Its not a kids program. Its for everybody. Every- ing on who is in the room and what has happened that All of Shababa, from the smallest children to the Sha- body is engaged and present and in the moment, with no week. The leaders are sensitive to the feeling. If the kids boomers, comes together for a concert around Chanukah. Donate Today or Learn More at ncsy. She assembled Jews, half of them Israeli American, in a room in Denver on a Friday evening for a potluck din- ner and a Shishi Yisraeli program.

Shishi Yisraeli, a program launched by IAC that means Israeli Friday evening, seeks a happy medium between what those with and without Israeli roots or backgrounds would enjoy on a Friday night. The idea: Get them together. Create community. How did it go? It was nice, she said this weekend at the councils fourth annual conference here, a four-day event that attracted some 2, participants.

Epel, a realtor, paused. It was hard. The Israelis didnt do the kiddush, the Mor said. But in the United States, blessing over the wine, a religious ritual Jewish identity must be sought out that is synonymous with Shabbat. I icans the ultimate living bridge between want the Sephardic songs that get you Israel and the Jewish people. Claiming but its not for me. I want my daugh- to represent between , and a mil- ters learning from women, about lion Israeli Americans, it offers a range of strong Jewish women.

Miriam Adelson, a major funder ver, agreed. Other estimates put the num- Knesset member Merav Michaeli hugs a of the Israeli American Council, is We dont want to look for a reli- ber of Israelis in the United States as low as participant at the Israeli American Councils on a panel at its annual Washing- gious base, we are looking for a com- , Here if you want to be part of American Jews for which Nicolet longs seems to be going governments retreat from an agreement that would have it the American Jewish community you have to go nowhere, despite the best efforts of the IAC and its prin- assured greater equality for non-Orthodox prayer at the to synagogue.

Miriam Adelson the bil- Western Wall. Nicolet said in an interview that it was critical to get lionaire casino magnate, a major giver to pro-Israel causes And the crowd booed Tzipi Hotovely, a Knesset member across to Israelis that organized religion was a means of and Republicans, and his wife, a physician. In anguished and raucous exchanges at the four-day not care about access to the wall.

Think about a conference that starts with Havdalah, its conference, over shared meals and during breakout ses- Until now, the issue has not resonated among Israeli also a message for us, as Israelis, he said, referring to the sions organized as circles, Israelis from across North Americans. The change was explained in a follow-up Saturday evening prayer that signifies the end of Shabbat. America described their frustrations in trying to assimi- breakout session, in Hebrew: The Israelis who berated Its a message to Israeli Americans that Listen guys, its late into the American Jewish community.

Hotovely had come to see the wall as Americans do: not not sustainable without being connected to Jewish roots. There was the visceral resistance that Israelis have to merely a site for traditional read Orthodox prayer, but The conferences formal launch was illustrative of the organizing community life around the synagogue, a main- as a powerful symbol of their love for Israel even if their divide between the conference-goers and American Jew- stay of organized Jewish life in America.

Others spoke of attachment to it was not quite, well, American. I do want to celebrate there in the company of Hampton Synagogue in New York, and then silently waited about Israel and that those who do pay attention are my three daughters. The Orthodox chief rabbinate con- out the American national anthem. It was when a young woman in the uniform of Tzofim But there also were issues and anxieties that Israeli Ofra Mor of Tenafly described a limbo for Israelis in the Israeli scout movement mounted the stage that Americans shared with their Jewish brethren that did not the United States who would have thought of themselves the cavernous hall in the Washington Convention Center exist a generation ago.

This One was support for religious pluralism in Israel. She wants her three daughters to marry Jews when they was Hatikvah. This was a known quantity.

Merav Michaeli, a Knesset member from Israels opposi- grow up. That was followed by a speech by Nikki Haley, the U. Lilo Goldenberg Thurnauer As a passionate supporter of our music school, Lilo loved music and children, and was so proud of all our accomplishments from day to day. She loved visiting and hearing music in each room as she walked through our halls, and attending our many concerts.

We are the grateful beneficiaries of her loving presence and gentle wisdom. The rare mention of the rise of because of her outspoken advocacy of Israel.

The evening When I hear Jewish people, chosen people, no mat- the American alt-right drew expressions of non- culminated with a round of community singing that had vir- ter how open and liberal the person, it comes across in a plussed bafflement.

That was the reaction when Michaeli, the Zionist There are other aspects of American Jewish self-identity Horvath said she sees those expressions as a means of Union member of Knesset, complained about how that are jarring for Israelis. She sees correlations to Jewish chosenness in her own American Jewish community. She singled out his reac- that she was sitting across from a non-Jew who worked identity as a Catholic and as a feminist.

The prime minister did not say a word, Michaeli said. Neither did anyone in the room, and the modera- tor, Emily Amrousi, a reporter for the Adelson-owned Israel Hayom daily, shifted the subject back to BDS even though the topic already had been exhausted. Just mentioning Charlottesville in nearly any other Ameri- can Jewish assembly would have triggered concerns, much discussed in the community, about the boldness of anti-Semitic expression during the presidency of Donald Trump.

Nicolet said Israelis likely were aware of the Char- lottesville march but were more exercised about BDS because it was a more insidious form of anti-Semitism.

Its very easy to define the Nazis, he said. They have the flag. Theyre Nazis. When you have a gray area, and people talk about human rights and ethnic cleansing, from a gut feeling Im worried.

Anxieties about whether American Jews are growing distant from Israel also permeated the conference. Ruth Calderon, a former Knesset member for the secular Israeli party Yesh Atid who writes about incorporating talmudic teachings into secular Jewish education, said the diktats of Israels Orthodox could cause a schism. She led a session that transitioned between Hebrew and English. At some point, the Jews in the world will say to Israel, you know what tistadru lavad. In other words, figure it out for yourself.

Israeli Jews also recoil at the notion of even tolerating the minority of American Jews who reject Israel. I dont think the undoubted support that Ameri- can Jews had for Israel 30 years exists anymore, said Yaara Oren, a postdoctoral biology student at Harvard. We have a Reform shul in Brookline, Massachusetts,. That is the word that Palestinians use.

I couldnt set foot in a synagogue that doesnt support Israel. Some also feel Adelsons leadership has imposed In , more mothers chose to give birth at Shaare Zedek Medical Center than anywhere a stringent standard of support for Israel on the IAC in the world 22, babies, in all. With the hospitals clinical reputation and focus on that doesnt gibe with the more diverse and self-critical compassionate patient care, women know that their concerns and comfort will receive the American Jewish outlook.

On Sunday evening, Adelson attention and respect they deserve. Now Jerusalems preeminent hospital, ence to AIPACs willingness to work with the Obama Shaare Zedek does not receive any funding from the Israeli government and therefore relies administration, which Adelson reviled. That stringency alienated some of the Israelis at the conference. During a breakout session called American Sabra: A Complex Identity, a Brooklyn man confronted Miriam Adelson, who was a panel- ist, saying that his inclination to criticize some Israeli government policies made him feel like an outsider at the conference.

In response, Adelson insisted that right-wing Jews www. Trump attacks an immigration program Schumer gets caught in the crossfire Ron Kampeas. In October, the president chided the New York senator for wanting to preserve the Iran deal he once opposed, and the Jewish Democrat berated the president for not moving the U.

Embassy to Jerusalem. Standard stuff for two hard-charging New Yorkers. But even Schumer was taken. More than that, Trumps sweeping condemnation of an immigration program in place since baffled not only Schumer, but also most Jewish immigration experts, who wondered what, if anything, the program Charles Schumer at a news conference on Oct.

Donald Trump at a Cabinet meeting on Nov. This whole approach that anytime someone not from this country does something to harm Americans we look Melanie Nezer, the vice president of HIAS, the leading after the truck ramming that killed eight and injured at the immigration system and think some adjustment Jewish immigration advocacy group. On Twit- is going to change [things], it doesnt make sense, said The latest contretemps was set off the morning ter, Trump repeated an unsubstantiated report that the.

Bright Life! Respectful, customized care We congratulate our dedicated staff on Cultural and social events demonstrating excellence in education and Inspiring Experienced associates a deep commitment to growth, hallmarks of SINAI Schools for 36 years. Call Richard or Gina to schedule your personal visit. Uzbekistan citizen suspected in the attack had obtained a in more Irish immigrants.

Schumer, as a New York We must always be aware how moments of fear and green card, or residency permit, in through the so- City congressman, answered to a substantial Irish- moments of genuine tragedy can be used to reinforce called Diversity Visa lottery program.

American constituency. It eventually was expanded harmful stereotypes about scapegoated communities, The terrorist came into our country through what is to include an array of countries, including Israel.

Those selected are Cotler contrasted Trumps rhetoric and action fol- I want merit based. Trump appears to have been reacting to Fox News relative sanguinity in August after a white suprema- I guess its not too soon to politicize a tragedy, Schumer commentators who decried the program, and to a for- cist allegedly rammed a crowd of counter-protesters wrote, just after a. In that case, Schumer, who previously has enjoyed his sparring with Trump blamed both sides for the violence and also the president, was taking this very personally.

Speaking said there were very fine people on both sides. The latest ensure we are maintaining policies that are xenopho- By the afternoon, Trump was telling his Cabinet he wants to end the diversity lottery program. Im going to ask Congress to immediately initiate work God is great!

Diversity and diversity lottery. Diversity lottery. Sounds nice. Its not nice. Its not the truck ramming dued by police. After the attack on the Texas church that killed 26 good. It hasnt been good. Weve been against it. So we want that killed eight and people last weekend, Trump offered prayers rather to immediately work with Congress on the Diversity Lottery Program, on terminating it, getting rid of it.

Trump wants to defund Homeland Security programs targeting domestic terrorism, which is usually attrib- ers, allows in up to 50, people a year through lotter- uted to white supremacists and lone wolves, in order ies. Thats a fraction of the estimated 1 million green cards mer national security adviser, Sebastian Gorka, who to focus more narrowly on terror directed by overseas issued each year by the United States. Gorka has been a key point man advocating It was meant to redress imbalances in U.

In fact, Schumer no longer favors it; he more sense to target terrorist structures overseas. In fact, it was pitched at first as a program that would allow was one of the Gang of Eight Republican and Demo- Schumer chided Trump for defunding the domestic cratic senators who wrote an immigration reform bill programs.

That deal, killed in the House, rolled ing America, which he always seems to do at times of back the visa diversity program and instead promoted national tragedy, should be focusing on the real solu- S aam m yyss S m m merit-based Green Cards the very program Trump said that he favors.

Jewish groups mostly have objected to the Trump Saipov, according to media accounts, appeared to administrations immigration policy. It includes plans have been radicalized after his arrival in the United North Jerseys Premier Italian to end a program for dreamers, immigrants who States. It happens to people who are ComeDelmonico Come byMon. It pm pm Come by for our forthrough Mon. ChefisSams nowBasil bottled to go. Vinaigrette Weinhave any form,to or think in a much more logical way, to look Jersey Media Group and may not be reproduced Morton Klein, the president of the Zionist Organiza- This ad is in copyrighted by North forMedia people within communities who are radicalized, and tion of America, who has backed Trumps immigration replicated a similar version,.

House Bring Dressing Bring thisthisAd inis now bottled to go. Free this Bottle without approval from North. Jersey Media Group. On Wednesday, he tweeted Free Bottlea tomin. Main Street, Fort Lee www. We offer repairs Teaneck Rd. MBS has taken a very assertive approach to Saudi foreign So why quit now?

Why did Lebanons This may be the same story. Since becoming defense minister in , Crown Prince Its happening simultaneously with his efforts to consoli- Whats Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Mohammed has been behind an aggressive Saudi bid to date internal control. Abbas doing in Saudi Arabia? Where is Jared Kushner reassert dominance in the region in the face of an increas- So, Saudi Arabia confronting Iran good for Israel, right? He is driving Saudi Arabias war with The Israeli government seems to think so.

Ron Dermer, its And what does it all mean for Israel? Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. Pulling Hariri out of ambassador to Washington, told the Israeli American Coun- Its been a busy week in the Middle East and, for a Lebanon is a piece with a broader strategy of keeping Iran cil on Monday that he was more optimistic now because I change, the two ground-shifting stories they may be teetering.

Iran in the region, the crown prince may feel he needs to weekend but to broader changes. Still, it was significant that Mohammed bin Salman the MBS contraction is so consolidate his power at home. But of course Israel is involved: When does some- thing happen in the Middle East that does not eventu- ally involve Israel? That in itself was an upheaval, as succession had been an opaque, delicate process aimed at preserving balance among the welter of descendants of the kingdoms founder, Abdulaziz.

Salmans declaration that his son would succeed him rattled the extended family. Already the defense minister since , Crown Prince Mohammed moved quickly to make clear he was in charge his father is ailing.

He placed his pre- decessor as crown prince under house arrest, talked repeatedly about modernizing the kingdom, and made good on a promise when his father decreed that women may drive. This weekend he rounded up another 11 princes and dozens of other high-ranking officials and placed them under house arrest, many in Riyadhs Ritz Carl- ton.

What happened, Part 2 oers many advantages. Guess who else was in Riyadh? Hariri, the Saudi- backed prime minister of Lebanon. He said he was quitting because Iran Flexible options available with is controlling the country through its proxy, Hezbol- interest only adjustable rates lah, and that he feared for his life. Hezbollah controls a militia that dwarfs the Leba- Local decision making nese army in firepower, and effectively has had a veto Customer centric service delivered by on all things Lebanon for decades.

And it is widely believed to be behind the killing of Hariris experienced mortgage professionals Contact us for all the details. Saudi Arabias crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, center, meets with U. The Arab governments are in a dif- It may accelerate the confrontation Hezbollah already wants with Israel ferent place than they were five years because [war with Israel] would be a ago, certainly 10 years or 15 years ago, unifying event for the Lebanese, Shap- because they see our interests as being iro said.

Many things porary tactical alliance does not mean are happening underneath the surface, long-term peace benefits, said two Per- many remarkable things. Hender- of the Foundation for Defense of Democ- son, joining her in a conference call for racies, said the Netanyahu government reporters, said there remained plenty was seizing an obvious opportunity.

Have you begun crafting a Sunni states and Israel, he said. Kushner said his visit to Saudi Arabia Still, we are in very early days, was simply to advance Israeli-Palestinian I can help! Schanzer cautioned. Nimrod Novik, a former Israeli peace peace. Accompanying him to Riyadh was Jason Greenblatt of Teaneck, whose mis- negotiator, said Saudi Arabias sudden sion is brokering the peace.

Iran prefers to see a conspiracy. Javad Application essay, and drafting all college-specific supplements. Novik, who is now the Israel Fellow of Zarif, its foreign minister, said on Twit- More than colleges accept the Common Application.

Which one of the 7 prompts will you choose? My clients attend an impressive list of colleges: in-law and senior adviser. The two princes are said to University, Montclair State University, New York University, by offering him a bulletproof vest, as have stayed up until nearly 4 a. Mohammeds crackdown. Lets not get carried away. Louis, being drawn into a war with Hezbollah Trump administration, but instead is fill- one that would damage Hezbollah, a ing a vacuum created from what at times Newhouse School of Communications and Whitman School of key goal of Crown Prince Mohammed, has seemed to be a rudderless U.

Israel plenty. The U. In the your appointment now! United States into the region. The Holocaust isnt funny A s I sit here watching the night Some of the light comes from the come so much earlier than it new day schools opening around us. My personal letter to Larry David. D did just a week ago, feeling a Each new school is the brainchild bit trapped by the darkness of visionary educators, people who ear Larry, details throughout my life was astonished and the cold that accompanies it at dream and then implement their As a big fan of Curb Your at its scope and horror when I took my fam- least in theory, because its been such a dreams.

Thats hard. Its scary. Its Enthusiasm, I find you hilarious ily on an extended Holocaust educational weird year for weather , I cant help but something that doesnt happen in and entertaining.

Pretty, pretty, journey this past summer for a book Im think of the awful things that have been darkness. Im serious. Ive watched every writing. Wherever you travel in Europe, they happening all around us. This week, we write about the Ideas season. And I love you on Saturday Night slaughtered nearly all the Jews in that loca- Theres the horrifying attack on the School, which offers a new style of Live.

In the days. There is just too much political strife horrors of the ghetto and the hundreds of others. Theres the horrifying attack in next few weeks, well write about and division, too many sad stories about thousands who were liquidated two hours a church in Texas that killed 27 people Naaleh, a new school for girls that hurricanes destroying peoples homes, and, away in Treblinka.

A few hours south is Kra- and wounded many others. In the midst of poison gas. Two hours north is or gun; the goal, religious terrorism inspire personal growth, its website that, you come with your off- Lodz, where , were sent or the desire for personal revenge, tells us. There will be obvious signs of wear and the possibility of light surface noise between tracks or during quiet passages, but still quite nice.

From here on down Fair, Poor , we're talking about beat-up records. Our Guarantee We guarantee every item we sell to be as listed. Craig Moerer recordsbymail. Close to like new with only superficial signs of use that don't affect play. This transformed the role of a DJ: apart from playing tunes, remixing other people's work, creating beatmixed compilations and making their own music, trading, licensing and recruitment became part of the job.

WORK Records. In and , more releases followed follow-ups for aforementioned names, a remix of Warp 69 "Natural High" , but they were not as successful and the first eight releases, and at the beginning of , activity stalled. Later on, the label released mostly filterdisco, most notably the "Groove Lab" EP series.

Five years later, the label got out of focus once again and stopped in However, what remains is a label whose releases were exactly as described: a refreshment for your ears; groovy, happy and melodic. Reply Notify me 7 Helpful. Lists Add to List selos by pressagio. Good Labels by Electronic Music List by Cburnette Labels by chrisnova Labels by felipeospina. Labels by stefan Favorite Labels by pastapiu.

Facination - "Don't You Think It's Time" (Vinyl Mania) Jive Rythm Trax - Unsrcd (Jive/Arista) Radio Festival Recorded Outdoor In Humacou Puerto Rico - Unsrcd (Recorded By DJ Steffan On Walkman) Frederico Fresh Meets Freska All Stars Bedroom Breaks - Unsrcd (white Label) DJ Louie Lou - "Bronx Scratch Mix" (white Label).

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  1. Buy a CD or Vinyl record and get 90 days free Amazon Music Unlimited With the purchase of a CD or Vinyl record dispatched from and sold by Amazon, you get 90 days free access to the Amazon Music Unlimited Individual plan. After your purchase, you will receive an email with further information. Terms.
  2. Dec 31,  · (electronica) Essential Mix - , MP3, kbps» House (Radioshow, Podcast, Liveset, Mixes):: vanciolinesfienu.lijasounesecothibukekaxiqua.infoinfo
  3. Label: VENOM PRODUCTIONS Notes: 4 song EP, unknown G Rap from the Midwest, artists include: Fat Mac, D-Low, Missin' Link, & T-Cha. G+ Good Plus In the record world, 'Good' is not good! From here on down (Fair, Poor), we're talking about beat-up records.
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  5. DJ Booth - My latest vinylD D both from astral labeltimo maas vs kosheen hide you yep the one with flight Dj Poison IV EP with a barbers adagio for strings minimalistix remixKiddaz fm keep it stereomatteo - .
  6. Dec 01,  · In , Fresh Fruit was a label one could not deny in the Netherlands. The Good Men, Rene & Gaston (2x), Klatsch, Fresh Tunes #1, Ricky Rouge, Jark Prongo, all became massive club hits (some of them also in the mainstream pop charts) but also landed on the personal favourite lists of many DJ's and dance music fans.
  7. DJ Booth - My latest vinylD D both from astral labeltimo maas vs kosheen hide you yep the one with flight Dj Poison IV EP with a barbers adagio for strings minimalistix remixKiddaz fm keep it stereomatteo - .

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